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It's Not Just Hormones!

Your thoughts and feelings matter. You deserve to feel supported. You deserve to be well. Help is only a click away. Contact us today, and say "Yes" to wellness. 

Are you experiencing sadness or depression that just won’t go away?

Are you feeling more irritable or angry with those around you?

Are you struggling to bond with your baby?

Are you feeling panicky, anxious or “on edge”?

Have eating or sleeping become a challenge?

Are you having upsetting or disturbing thoughts that you

can’t get out of your mind?


Do you feel as if you are “losing control” or “going crazy”?

Do you experience thoughts of regret, “I never should have become a mother”?


Are you worried that you might harm your baby or yourself?

Is There Help?

“You are not alone. You are not to blame. With help, you will be well,”

-Postpartum Support International.


The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist reported that 1 in 7 women experience perinatal depression and 1 in 10 men experience postpartum depression. Perinatal Mental Health Counseling is treatment that is specified to address challenges from conception to the first year after birth for mothers and their partners. 

Perinatal Mental Health Counseling & Doula Services

Perinatal Mental Health Counseling is treatment that is specified to address challenges from conception to the first year after birth for mothers and their partners. Counseling services are based on each mother and partner’s reason for seeking treatment. Your counselor will work diligently to establish trust and create a safe therapeutic environment in which mommies and their loved ones will reach their therapeutic goals of symptom relief, symptom management, and well-being. 

Perinatal Mental Health Counseling


Post Birth Recovery Support

Light Meal Prep

Home Visits 

Baby soothing techniques & more

Doula Services Coming Soon!!

Peta Williams

Perinatal Mental Health Trained Counselor


Hi, I'm Peta Williams, Perinatal Mental Health Trained Counselor 

Instead of unintentionally boring you with all my credentials and training, I wanted to switch things up a bit and be transparent. First and foremost, I identify as a woman of color,  a mother, and wife. I acquired licensure to counsel in the state of Florida and through personal experiences with pregnancy, childbirth, and miscarriage was steered in the direction of becoming a Perinatal Mental Health Trained Counselor.

Benefits of Perinatal Counseling and Doula Support

Mothers and their partners will receive counseling services by a Perinatal Mental Health Trained Counselor who specializes in the treatment of symptoms and disorders resulting from attempts at conception, pregnancy ,miscarriages, birth, and after birth. Counselors without this certification will lack the knowledge and skills for successful treatment. 

Early treatment of Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders is the most effective preventive measure against self-harm, child abuse and neglect, family dysfunction, and disruption of healthy brain development for babies.

Postpartum doula support reduces risk of developing perinatal mood disorders, improves mother and partner’s self-confidence as new parents or parents of multiples, and increases opportunities for sleep or rest. 

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